Lawrence David Sledge was born on a hot day of July 1935, in a little village in Louisiana, USA. The sun beamed at him, the earth burned for him and mother nature held her breath. A promise was born – a promise of creativity, vitality and joy. The boy became a man, restless in his urge to touch and hold on to the beauty around him. Life dictated a path as it does for all of us, but the man was restless.

There was Paris, there was art, there was music and writing, spinning words into a hypnotic spell catching the reader unawares. And the man from Louisiana became the lawyer his peers hoped him to be, worked hard, raised a family, went with the punches of life but never lost the hunger for holding on to beauty. And he was good.

But the hunger ate at him, the restlessness stayed, moments to catch the beauty around him were recorded in his mind, for future use – one day… He retired, found the time and started to write – stepping into his world of imagination and beauty. Using artful language spun into stories you never forget, he wrote several books and many more poems. Then started to help others with their stories as a ghostwriter and the artist was ready to expand.

Mother nature finally could breathe again, the burning earth smiled at his works and the sun knew it had been right that late day in July. Here was the Artist, IS the Artist, in a splurge of beauty and wonder inviting us into his world, not to admire his creations that tickle the imagination – no… to invite YOU to use your own imagination and step into a world that is way larger than my galaxy, way larger than physical things – the world of Art.

Finally, we have an artist here who trusts you to say what you see, and make it your own.

And it was well worth waiting for.

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