loveWhen I woke up this morning I had no clue that today would be special. It’s that which makes life full of hope and magic – you go about your business and wham! there appears what you so long have thought that maybe one day, maybe one day, this special thing would come your way. Undefined, not voiced, but always hoped for…

And today it happened! Today I received the purest love poem I could ever dream to have written for me. Oh, you say, it was a poem? And I answer, it was “the poem” that brought tears to my eyes, deepened the love I feel for its creator and lifted my spirit.

And it was art, pure and simple. Does art not lift the spirit?

You see, the art LD Sledge has created and you enjoy on this website is just one side of this amazing man. In the “About the Artist” section I already warned you that this artist is multi-faceted, conveying aesthetics in many different ways. And today he wrote this for me, his wife:

Grace’s Laughter

Your laughter

a jingle of sparks
fills the room with little puffs of light
that swell my heart
to smiling
nearly bursts my chest
with joy —–

your eyes

incipient mischief in themselves,
are giggles
that speak
without the need of words
saying “come on, is that all you’ve got?”

your heart

you so freely gave to me
asks for nothing more than
and love in return —–
you make it so easy for me —–

He handed this to me with eyes like universes, with a smile that looked expectantly, open and simple, just being himself.

How can I not love this man.

Artists are special people, they sprinkle the fairy dust of spirit’s creations as if to say “I see you, I know you are there, I help you look beyond the daily chores of life and help you not to forget that we all are creators of joy”. Artists…, without them a civilization would soon become glum and a lifeless rut chasing that which is only for the moment.

Artists create infinite future for the soul.

I told you, today was a very special day.